Best way to simulate Artic in Rendered

I like the fact that Arctic does not cast strong shadows and just provides good, basic information about the models without the “obfuscation” of Raytraced, but would still like some way of using more than one color. Is it possible to replicate Artic’s appearance in Rendered, using particular materials, lighting, and any other defaults?


Try this thread:

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Thanks, but I’m not sure if this is what I was looking for. I essentially want Arctic with colors and preserve Arctic’s lighting.

Make a copy of Arctic and set under Shading settings the Color & material usage to Rendering material.

You’ll see that Lighting scheme is set to Ambient Occlusion instead of Scene lighting.

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Thanks Nathan!

I was just reading about Ambient Occlusion on Wikipedia and it “confirms” my observation above about how Arctic is less “obfuscating” than raytraced. Sometimes, too much information is counterproductive.

"The ambient occlusion shading model offers a better perception of the 3D shape of the displayed objects. This was shown in a paper where the authors report the results of perceptual experiments showing that depth discrimination under diffuse uniform sky lighting is superior to that predicted by a direct lighting "

For Raytraced you’d get similar-ish effect by using an all-white environment for skylight. You can keep different settings for background and reflection. But for lighting only the white skylight. And you may want to drop the amount of bounces Set diffuse bounces to 0 or 1 (and all the others too). If you have transparent materials you may want to up glossy and transmission bounces, but you should get something a bit similar. Obviously Arctic mode will be faster (: