Texture Map Suddenly Does Not Display in Rendered Mode

I am working with a mesh that has a texture, but the texture suddenly stopped displaying. This seemed to coincide with the time I opened another rhino window to copy+paste a vector from one file to another. I have checked the link to the texture, it is fine. I have also played with all features of OpenGL to no avail.

I feel like this might have to do with the fact that I cannot change the color & material usage in display mode settings, as it is grayed out.

Please help!


RHINO 5 + Windows 7, everything up to date.

Hi Tom,

Can you send the mesh in question? Please also send the texture used in the material and let me know if you are using a rendering plugin other than the default Rhino Renderer.

I would also be curious if restoring the Rendered mode to defaults fixes it.

Lastly, can you also make a copy of the current Rendered mode first and export the ini file to send as well?

Send these to tech@mcneel.com to my attention and I’ll take a look.