Cycles blown out

I seem to be getting really blown out renders in raytraced view mode. This is just a default file with a little bit of geometry thrown in there. There are no lights in the scene and the sun is off. I’ve got the sklylight on but that’s it. Even with the intensity of the environment dialed down to .1 the render is super bright. What am I missing.

Rhino6 SR29

I think this is which is still open. If you toggle out of Raytraced and back into it, it fixes the exposure right?

Nope it just stays the same. It works ok in the v7 wip so I am assuming it’s that bug you mentioned.

My mistake for assuming this was in the v7 WIP, if this in Rhino 6, can you post a 3dm please so I can look at the settings? Thanks.

Here ya go. Untitled.3dm (5.2 MB)

Use reset to defaults in your render tab-

which gets you this:

Having sun and skylight on will blow out the image-

sun on only-

skylight on only

Skylight and sun adjusted to look better-

Thanks for the file. I checked it in 6.28, 6.29 and the 7.0 WIP and all behaved the same. In fact, I’m seeing the opposite of what you report when first opening the file as it’s all black in Raytraced. The reason is that the Skylight is set to .1 intensity but doesn’t use a custom environment which means it falls back on the visible Backdrop used. For that you have the Office hdr and it’s fairly dark but could be used if the intensity were raised to 2 at least for the Skylight. I’d suggest instead using a solid color for the Backdrop and then use the Office as the custom environment for the Skylight. This will actually use it’s luminance values better for the lighting. Here’s a video where I play through some of these options to illustrate what should happen.

Thanks all. I ended up following those tips and just pasting into a new document and it seems to be behaving correctly now.

RH-58065 is fixed in the latest WIP