Cutting and untrimming panels

Double Curve.3dm (18.9 MB)

I am a new Rhino user, and I have a double curved surface as in the attached file. It is divided into diamond panels with a gap of 5 mm between the panels. I could easily trim the panels at the top because they are almost planar, but the curved ones, I can’t maintain the gaps to be 5mm because I can’t draw a line in the curved rectangle of the panel. So if I untrim the cut diamond panels on the edges, how could I recut them so they are a whole diamond, not cut pieces and also maintain the 5 mm gap between the panels?

Hello - I think this is what you want but I’m not sure:


then, Split with the border curves and delete/hide the larger surface with holes that results and keep all the small diamonds. Run ShrinkTrimmedSrf on these.


Diamond Panel.3dm (1.2 MB)

Dear Pascal,
Following your post, I am trying to draw the diamond edge to cut off the surface. I have 3 edges, and am unable to draw the fourth one on the curved surface. Is there a way this can be done, i.e. to draw a curve on the surface?

Hello - try the ShortPath command snapping to the end points of the open diamond shape. You could also draw a line to close the diamond shape, then Pull the line to the surface.


Is there a possibility to convert these diamond panels to single curved panels instead of double curve ones? I untrimmed the surface and activated the control points. I connected the midpoints of the border curves with shortpath command and then offsetted the curves on the surface by 2.5 mm. I drew a line across the width of the curved rectangle, then curves to extrude line on. But despite that it is a line extruded or swept on a curve, I didn’t get a single curved surface as shown in CAD file.Panels.dwg (227.3 KB)
Diamond Single Curve.3dm (16.4 MB)