Defining single curved surface

I have a problem understanding the curvature analysis in Rhino. I have a surface that is made from sweeping a line on a curved path. This should develop a single curved surface, but I can’t be sure of it in terms of the curvature analysis. What values should I get for a single curve? I am also unable to unfold the surface on a horizontal plane, it unrolls and put labels on the surface itself.Curvature Analysis.3dm (130.6 KB)


your surfaces are not single curved nor a single surface. please try the attached one

Curvature Analysis.3dm (37.6 KB)

That is what I want to reach, but I have no clue how to. I have a double curved form that I need to follow, which is divided into diamond panels and I need to remodel them into single curved panels for production.L Trim Path.dwg (3.3 MB)

If I can send you a model through wetransfer, it will be great.

This is the link to the rhino file:

try this,

select all then type “ShrinkTrimmedSrf” enter
then “Rebuild” with Point count U2 V6 Degree U1 V5

That is for the panels I modelled, or the last file I sent of the complete form? What will happen if I do so?

it is for the big file. if you want to remodel and place what you modelled to that big form, it is better to use panelling tools which i dont have much experience with.