Cut Away view

Is there an easy way to show a cut-away (cut open!) view of an assembly of objects without making a separate set of cut-away objects? I though there was a way to draw an arbitrary boundary, and use that to define a “transparent hole” through an object so you can see the object(s) behind in the layout detail.

Hi Matt - use ClippingPlane for this.


Yes… clipping plane gives a plane cut. It works nicely, for a plane cut. But, what about an arbitrary closed curve/surface cut into the interior of an assembly? It would be neat if that shape, maybe called a mask, could be structured with ever widening openings/holes to expose several objects in an assembly, if you follow my meaning. I thought Rhino had that feature at one point in the past.

Hi Matt -

That feature request is on the list as RH-3952. I’ve added this thread.