Clipping Planes - with exceptions?

I’m using clipping planes to create cutaway views of a product, and it would be handy to have the clipping plane only clip the outer enclosure but not the inner items. Is there any way to have a clipping plane ignore certain items?

Edit: Should mention, I’m using Rhino 5.


Hi - this feature request has been on our list for a while - I have added your query - RH-6069.


Thanks @wim - that’s good to know that it’s in the works.

I would also appreciate such a feature. A simple switch per layer (like on/off, lock/unlock) would help me.

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Ditto. Would be very useful.

Is there any news on this “Clipping Planes - with exceptions?”
This would be a fantastic modification to the existing clipping planes.

I also vote for this feature. Much needed for presentation.

I need this fonction, too…
for exemple to be able to estimate how a 3d model will be by moving several clipping plane but without hiding the size grid.

Well, I would also find this function very useful.

One more voting for this feature.

Rodolfo Santos

I agree, clipping planes should be render mesh modifiers (like curve piping, thickness, edge softening, shut lining, and displacement), not viewport properties.

any updates on this ?

The Rhino 8 WIP has this capability. I’m hoping to find some time this next week to write up an announcement post here on discourse about it.