Selective Clipping Plane/mask


Does anyone know if there is a command that allows you to selectively mask parts of a model? I’m trying to display the interior of a model without have to wirecut anything away. Here is a sphere with 1/4 hemisphere removed as an example of what I’m trying to do:


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Hi @Tim_S

Well, for simple sections there’s the command clippingplane, but they only do full sections. If you’re looking for more “exotic” sections, take a look at Asuni’s plugin:

HTH, Jakob

This link and app are no longer available. Does anyone else have good recommendations for creating interesting sections? Such as a chunk taken out of a model or ‘masking’ more complex geometries with a closed solid.

Selective clipping is under development in the Rhino WIP.

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I have had good luck with the Visual Arq clipping planes, you can make very complex cuts through geometry. VisArq is pricy but this feature is great.