Wrongly displayed terrain section

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but none of the terrain is showing up correctly in the slice. Could it be some setting? The contour curve is correct, but when it comes to the fill, it doesn’t work.
I’m using VisualARQ at the moment and then when I want to display the section orthogonally, it looks like the picture. It’s unusable. Where could be the problem?

Hi @user1721, please share the file so we can analyse this terrain and see what’s happening. Thanks!

terain_cut.3dm (226.6 KB)

Thanks, I’m uploading a simple terrain created in a brand new file and it keeps doing the same thing to me. Thank you.

Hi Vojtech,
I’ll report this issue. It might have to do with a boolean problem with the mesh of the terrain. IHowever, this terrain is very small, (just less than 30cm by side). Does it make sense to be that small?

I created the file a bit randomly so that it was created in a clean file, that happens to me routinely. However, the exact same thing happens to me with the terrain from a real project with real terrain that I’m posting here.

terrain - real.3dm (474.5 KB)

All right, thanks for sharing this file too. We will see what can we do.