Customize skin

I´m new in Rhinocommon.

I want customize my skin. I´m working with Rhinocommon and C#.

I´ve created a new project like this.

Imports Rhino.Runtime

Namespace MySkin
    Public Class MyHippoSkin
        Inherits Skin
        Protected Overrides ReadOnly Property ApplicationName() As String
                Return "Hippopotamus"
            End Get
        End Property
    End Class
    ' You can override more methods and properties here
End Namespace

and I´ve created a new item in registry.

Currently, I don´t see skin. I Would like to see it and can customize it.

I need help.


I have the same problem.

I’ve created a new project and I’ve created a new skin class where override the Rhino’s icon by company’s icon. This class generate a dll where is referenced in the registry. When I exec Rhino I can see my logo, but the Splash window is hidden.

It’s good but I would like customize the spash window with company’s photo. How I can do it?

Somebody knows how resolve this problem?

Here is a sample RhinoCommon skin DLL project you can reference is needed:

To use as skin DLL, it is important to put the registry entry in the correction location, which is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, and provide the correct path to the .RHS file. Also, don’t forget to modify the command line of the shortcut used to launch Rhino, per the instructions.

Note, if you provide a skin DLL, you will need to (also) provide your own splash screen and about box. When Rhino detects a skin DLL, it will not longer display it’s internal splash screen and dialog.

Hi Dale,

I’ve made a skinproject that override the Icon, and I put the dll reference in the correct registry entry.

When I run rhino, It shows my icon project and no show the rhino started window.

The rhino started window is it:

Now, I want customized this window and show it, but I don’t know how do it.

In the example,the project only override the icon, not the rhino started window.


Rhino’s splash screen is not customizable. But a skin DLL can provide its own splash screen. To do this, override Rhino.Runtime.Skin.ShowSplash and Rhino.Runtime.Skin.HideSplash. Let me know if you need an example.

I prefer an example, please. =)

Ok, give me a few…

Ok, I’ve updated my skin sample to include a splash screen.

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Works perfectly.

Thank you very much

Hide Menu & Disable Command line shortcut through a skin…


I’m interested in using skin to make a Rhino plugin.
Does anyone have an sample of C # .NET skin code in which standard Rhino menus are no longer visible ?

Is it possible to disable the use of Rhino commands by the command line?
In case it is possible, can the Rhino functions still be used programmatically?
Ligne de commande


Hi @Charles_THIERRY_DE_V,

When you plug-in loads, just turn off Rhino’s menu.

Rhino.ApplicationSettings.AppearanceSettings.MenuVisible = false;

Sorry no. The command line is for running commands. However, you can turn the command line off, just as you did the menu, if needed.

– Dale

Than you very much for your answer

See you !


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And what about hiding standard menu in a skin ? Is it possible ?

It seems to be possible in fullscreen mode with this command : -Fullscreen
Set fullscreen options ( ShowLayer=No ShowCommand=No ShowStatus=No ShowProperties=No ShowMenu=No ShowTitle=Yes ShowFloating=Yes DisableEscape=No )
It seems to be not possible with workspace editor
Is it possible with another method ?

My guess is you will need to do this with a supporting plug-in. The Skin assembly really only provide a splash screen, application title, etc.

– Dale

I am not sure what this means. Can you explain further?

– Dale

I tried by the workspace editor. But it seems that we can add / remove additional menus but not delete basic standard menus.
Do you confirm this limitation?

This is true.

You can hide the basic menu, as I have described above.

If you have a skin DLL, written in C++, you can replace the basic menu.

– Dale