Replacing/Stripping menu bar

I want to create a stripped down version of Rhino by removing most of the standard menu items. The goal is to have a minimum set of options left that doesn’t overwhelm users and focuses on the important bits. I researched a bit and found that this is not possible: “In the default menus, new menu items can be inserted, and these new menu items can be edited and deleted, but default menu items cannot be edited or deleted.” (Rhinoceros Help)

I also found this topic in which is explained how to hide the whole menu bar: Customize skin. Is there any chance to replace it with a completely new one?

I’m tending to hide the menu bar and use a toolbar instead. Do you think there’s a better option?

Hi @ModuleWorks_Marcelb,

You can replace Rhino’s menu by using a skin written in C++. Here is an example:

– Dale

Dear @dale,

thank you for the fast response! Is this only possible in C++ or also in .NET?


That is correct. For .NET, you should provide a custom .RUI file that contains the modified menu.

– Dale

But that .RUI file will only be added to an existing menu but doesn’t create a new one, right? So I cannot provide a .RUI file and hide the menu because this will hide everything. So, as far as I understand, it’s completely impossible using only .NET.

That is correct. If you want to replace the entire menu, you’ll need to do so in C++ skin DLL.

– Dale