Customize Rhino UI like catia

I am switching my main software from Catia to Rhino. But I find it very difficult to navigate inside rhino while zooming or rotating, Its not smooth as in CATIA. I just want to know if there is any way customize rhino UI same as or close to CATIA

can you explain the main differences you are looking for to change in rhino? i have no idea how catia works.

Hi There, Thank you for you reply
Considering mouse has 3 buttons left, middle and right then

To Rotate— Hold Middle + Hold Right + drag

To Zoom— Hold Middle + Click Right

To Pan— Hold Middle + Drag

No you can’t remap those in Rhino. Your mouse driver maybe could…errr partway anyway.

Probably you already know… but to be sure…
In Rhino you can navigate with right mouse button + alt or Ctrl key.
In a perspective view:

To Rotate— RMB + drag

To Zoom— CTRL + RMB + drag

To Pan— ALT + RMB + drag

Imho, if you don’t feel comfortable with Rhino’s mouse combo, I would try 3dconnexion devices.
I have two spacemouse (one at office and one at home) and I think they are vey useful to navigate in Rhino.