Custom Tumble Bindings

Rhino is quickly proving that it will be my go to modelling software for hard-surface and industrial modelling needs. Simply put, I’m loving it.

However, I’m not finding a way to customize the mouse-bindings for tumbling the views. Is there a way to do this or a plugin that can change it? The right-button is aggravating my carpal tunnel something fierce.

If not, I hope the dev team would consider this as a feature for a future release. Due to nuances in individual anatomy, injuries, etc., it would be very helpful to select an ergonomic profile that best suits personal needs.

in my opinion you should try one of the following solutiond:
buy a 3dconnexion
or pass to a Wacom tablet.
both would help you really a lot.
I tried both and both are amazing way to reduce your pain.

Oooo… I’ve had my eye on a SpaceMouse for long time; well before Iron Man became cool (to the rest of world at least :). However, I’m looking for an option that doesn’t require further purchases.
I have a Cintiq, but the pen isn’t shaped properly for my grip since the buttons aren’t positioned where my hands won’t cramp keeping them depressed. 2D isn’t an issue but 3D has never worked for me due to the button requirements.

It would be great…prudent… um, forward thinking if software companies would allow users to completely customize kb&m controls [this is my passive-aggressive method for invoking a suggestion btw].

Anyway, this and many other industries have embraced customizable windows and color schemes (it wasn’t always the case), so ergonomic issues like this should be too. It only makes sense given that even the car industry designs their cars around the people inside it. The car industry! Can you imagine what it would be like if there weren’t adjustable seats or mirrors, or windows that didn’t open? One radio station? That’s what this limitation feels like to me… and it takes the form of carpal tunnel syndrome to make its inadequacy known.

Thanks for hearing me out. Cheers :smiley:

It is not currently possible in Rhino, but what would be your preferred setup?

I like using the left-click button in tandem with the kb standards of alt, control or shift for the various tumbling features (Maya style). It took me a while to learn this (coming from Max which uses the middle-button), but I quickly realized my hands and wrist never tired from this setup. Unfortunately I don’t have hands like Paco de Lucía or Joe Satriani (too many cycling accidents), so I have to rely on my index finger most of the time. Middle and ring finger are only good for occasional taps.

It’s understandable that many (most) users relate these type of functionalities to their favorite modelling packages—and I don’t mean to start a war of religions—but I’m also certain that I’m not alone on this. So rather than requesting a setup that fits me personally, I’m only suggesting a way to customize it. The default should remain “as is” to avoid crapping on the current user base that likes this setup. To me re-mapping and customization is a win-win for everyone.

Just get the SpaceMouse. About $150 for the wireless or $130 for the compact with wire. You will never want to model without one again. That goes for 2D too. Really amazing. Not only easy on the hands but much faster and more controllable…

It appears to be the only option. Fortunately I’m a gear junky… to my wife’s chagrin. Thanks guys!

Edit :: It’s been awhile since I’ve been in Maya, so I fired it up to confirm my previous comment about it’s tumbling assignments. I was incorrect and confusing it with Max… well, kind of. Maya uses all three mouse buttons in conjunction with the alt-key. Anyway, I"m hoping that—should I get the $paceMouse—it will negate the dissimilitudes among my suite of 3D tools. Thanks again.

I know a few people with similar ergonomical issues (carpal tunnel problem working with regular mice).
Some of them got the Penguin vertical mouse and are very happy with it:

I wouldn’t hold my breath for Rhino to allow much more customized view navigation configurations. Currently there is a lot of hard-coded mouse button+Alt/Shift/Ctrl key combinations for various scenarios and I could see how trying to make it flexible and customizable may be difficult to implement.


The boss already gave a thumbs up on the SpaceMouse. Buying untested devices online is always a gamble, so if it doesn’t work out, hopefully I can find a Penguin locally to personally test out. Looks like it might be a reasonable alternative.

It’s still a major bummer having to buy equipment to work around a limitation that in this day and age feels so archaic in nature. Anyway, I definitely won’t hold my breath. In 20+ years of creating digital content, the one thing I’ve learned about established industries is, “If it’s a technical issue, changes might be improbable, but if it stems from studio cultural, then it’s impossible.”

This explains why innovation typically comes from new companies forcing everyone into a new way of doing things. There are exceptions of course, but they’re rare. This isn’t a deal-breaker for me anyway, but it will keep me testing out other software on occasion.