Preference Options request

I use Sketchup for all my design work. However, I often hit it’s limits when doing complex surface modeling and spend far too much time attending to little problems with the broken transitions in objects. I’ve been looking to a solid modeler to replace SU with, but all that’s available is in the Windows format. I’m encouraged by Rhino’s entry, even though it’s not a solids-based system. I would like to be able to program the mouse buttons to replicate what I’m accustomed to using rather than having to relearn in yet another program. Please make the left mouse button switchable with the right mouse button. Hundreds of SU users will appreciate it.

I know this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but I was in a similar boat and have been very happy with SteerMouse ( which enables almost any kind of per-app mouse customization. And it could solve your issue today rather than waiting and hoping for reconfiguration options to come to the top of the development queue. Good luck!

Thanks, I’ll check it out. I’m looking for a replacement for SU in any case as it always feels like the program is in a beta mode. The interface has improved a great deal, but there’s still an amateurish quality about it, and a definite limit on it’s accuracy. It is after all called ‘sketch’.