Custom keyboard shortcuts

I’m used to using Rhino on a Mac and I’ve just switched to a PC. I wanted to set my usual keyboard shortcuts that I’ve been working with for years, but couldn’t figure out how.
I see two options =

  • either use the shortcuts already proposed in “keyboard”
  • or create Aliases

With these two options, it’s impossible to reset my shortcuts.

Example: I normally use CTRL+@ to rotate.

  • This shortcut is not available in option/keyboard.
  • I can’t put CTRL in aliases

I see on various forums that this isn’t possible on Windows and that people use external plugins :confused:
Are you going to offer this freedom to create shortcuts on version 8 ?

Thank you

Sorry to be asking a dumb question, but isn’t that just ctrl+2 on a windows keyboard? Or does the Mac keyboard have some special @-key?


Or are you actually talking about the ⌘-key, the Mac equivalent to the ⊞-key on a Windows keyboard? In that case, it’s not for McNeel to decide if that’s allowed or not. That’s a Windows/Microsoft decision, as it’s hard-coded into Windows. As you mention, you’ll need to run an external piece of software like Power Toys to re-assign it.
HTH, Jakob