Custom environments

Hi there, I’m trying to use my own custom environment for shapediver model. I’ve uploaded six cubemap files to dropbox (link Dropbox) and used that link in the model. But it won’t work. I can’t seem to find any information on how to use it. The only information about this ( is not working now. Can someone direct me in the right direction? Any help is appreciated.

Dropbox will not work with the cube map method, as you need to provide a public link to a server folder location that contains all files. If you want to use dropbox, you could just use a single HDR file and make it public, then use this link in the environment settings. However, dropbox often changes the way files can be accessed through URLs and therefore we do not recommend it as a sustainable solution. Here is an example file that works as expected, stored on our own servers:

Hi Mathieu, thanks for the explanation. I’ve tried uploading to our own server but it also didn’t work. We then created an .hdr ( file but it also didn’t work. Then I’ve uploaded .hdr file that you’ve provided ( but it also didn’t work. HDR files didn’t work with our server links too. Can you suggest what might be the problem, and what file server is recommended? Thanks!

When using the files you posted above, I am getting a console error:

It looks like you need to set the content length header from your side. Dropbox seems to do it sometimes but not always, so it is safer if you store it on your own servers and make sure this header is defined there.

As a general note, we are aware that these limitations can be cumbersome at the moment. In the future, we will let users upload their assets (textures, environments, external geometry…) directly to their ShapeDiver account and use those assets directly in ShapeDiver models, in order to circumvent such issues.

Thanks for the content length header suggestion, we’ve resolved it with our server, but there might be something wrong with our hdr file, it still didn’t work. But we’ve managed to make it works with folder and 6 cubemaps on our own server. These files need to be named as px py pz nx ny nz, maybe that was the initial problem.