External textures not being shown

Shapediver stopped loading external textures (from Dropbox, via dl=1 links) on new models I upload.

Old models using the same source still work. Any idea?

I just uploaded this model with a texture linked from Dropbox and it works fine.

Could you test your Dropbox links with the model?

Textures can render unpredictably without texture mapping and objects may look grey. Could this be an issue?

Thanks for checking;

if I load my texture(s) into your model, I also don’t see them:



I guess the file size was way too big…

Yes, that’s most likely the issue here and resizing them below 4MB should solve this. However, I recommend textures smaller that 1MB for the fastest performance of your model. Learn more about the best practices for texture mapping including Power Of Two rule in this blog post.