Custom HDRIs

Hello at Shapediver.

I just wanted to start playing with uploading our own HDR images for the environment. You provide a tool that can convert HDRIs to cubemaps.

Now I am confused, because you talk about “HDR” images and also in the presets you have HDR and LDR images, but the converter can’t convert HDR images (ie. in .hdr or .exr file format).

Also there is no mention of file formats supported by the viewer.

Can you clarify, please.

Actually, I found a bug on If you enter a custom domain, then save, it works fine. Now you go into a model again and slightly change the URL and hit save. It seems to have saved the updated URL. As soon as you exit, it has reverted to the originally entered URL though.

Also valuable information in the environment help pages would have been that you expect .jpg images and can’t use .png images.

Any time you just assume something, at least mention it somewhere, please.

Lastly, as mentioned before, Amazon S3 now exclusively uses json for their CORS policies and not XML like in the help page.

It’s even worse than I expected. Once you add a custom URL, you can’t set it back to a default HDR. And it also resets the Grid. Plus you can’t actually switch the default HDR. Wtf?

Basically it breaks everything around the environment.

We are in the process of updating how environment maps are handled, and will likely hide the custom environment map input in the next few days while these updates are being rolled out. The documentation will be largely updated at the same time. Therefore please consider this functionality as a beta feature currently. In general, there seems to be issues with using cube maps, but be aware that you can now just use .hdr files instead of cube maps. Just provide the full path to the hdr file, for example:

Again, in light of the ongoing updates, I would suggest to wait for the upcoming update before using this feature in a commercial project.

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