Help with custom enviroment

I want to set up a custom environment and am unable to do so.
There is a help page, but it’s vague.

So questions as below regarding setting up a custom environment.

Do I set “show environment” to on or off?

The choose environment button, do I leave this set to “none”, if not, what do I select.

Am I correct that dropbox and Imgur won’t allow me to set up “CORS” configuration?

If I am to use Amazon S3 as suggested, the whole set up process seems very complicated. I have created a bucket, created a folder within the bucket and add the corrs details as suggested and set to public.
However, I can find the url’s to the individual images, but not to the folder, I have searched online and can’t find how I obtain a url to the folder.

If the image URL is

then the folder URL is

and you need to paste it to the CUSTOM ENVIRONMENT input box.

You can switch on the SHOW ENVIRONMENT if you want to see it in the background or witch it off if you want to only see it in the reflections of materials.

Once you use a custom environment CHOOSE ENVIRONMENT and ENVIRONMENT RESOLUTION become irrelevant these settings come from your new images.

Hi Pavol and thank you.

Here is the link to one of the cube images on Amazon S3, if i amend the url, i receiev a download link, but the resultant download is 0 bytes.

Click the image to obtain the url

Could you post the full image URL?

If I click on it nothing happens and when I check the image address it leads to this forum.

Sorry, not sure what happened with the url.

Here goes

I just tried the environment with link below and it worked for me.

Can you clear cache of your browser, reload the page and try again? Also, check the console if you see any errors.

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Thank you, I now have the image displaying as per your screen shot. However, the cube image was created from a gradient image, this is shown in the individual images within the folder on the URL link.
The enviroment displayed is not a gradient image, am i missing something?

What I am looking for is a gradient background

I can see the gradient background when I spin the model.

Isn’t this the result you wanted to achieve?

Hi Pavol, yes, the result you show is what i am after.
It must be down to my display.
I will wait until the model is embedded with your API, we are using a company recomended by Shapediver and I am sure all will work as you show in your video above