Pocket Styled Windows and doors in VisualARQ

Hello there,

We are planning to buy VisualARQ and would like to know if there is an option (native, grasshopper or semi-manual) to create Pocket Dooors and windows.

If there is no native way (Door type), is there a way to accomplish that from within grasshopper (create a solid with derived dimensions, side and position/offsets and subtract it from the wall)?

Since placing Pocket Doors and Windows consists at least 80% of our line of work regarding openings, that would be a crucial option.

If there is no such option in the moment, is it planned for release soon?

Attaching some sample images


Thank you in advance.



We have already been discussing about the features needed for this in the following thread: https://discourse.mcneel.com/t/refresh-visualarq-walls-without-baking/150507/7