Custom Display Mode Reverted to "Shaded


Tested in Rhino 7 SR5 on Windows 10 20H2

Create a Custom Display Mode

Restart Rhino, then name will appear as “Shaded”…

Hi - we have seen this happen on rare occasions but haven’t been able to find out what triggers this behavior. Can you systematically reproduce this issue?

Yes .It always happens. Started recently around v7.4

Got a couple of 'em here too:


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I have them as well but that doesn’t happen all the time. Does it on your end, @Helvetosaur?
@tay.alrawi what are the steps you take to reproduce this?

I don’t know, I had some custom display modes I imported once and it’s probably those. I can experiment with creating a new one or two and see what happens after. I wonder if this doesn’t happen when an update is installed, I know for example that my custom toolbar button tooltips get messed up every time I install one (complaint in a past thread).

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I confirm this issue has been resolved by un-installing Lands Design, I had a trial version installed and by removing it my rhino is working properly.
I think because Lands Design creates its own visual styles. it causes issues with custom user-created styles. probably same issue with visualarq as well although I don’t have visualarq installed.