Custom display mode / Horrible artifacts

I’m not sure why I get these horrible artifacts (both on the render meshes and the background) with my custom display mode…

Here’s the display mode in question :

Presentation.ini (15.7 KB)

Most likely the issue is caused by the semi-transparent material or the ground plane.

Hi Bobi,

Thanks for your answer.

Well, I have no specific material on the objects, it’s a global setting in the Display mode.
Even if it WAS that, it would be a bug, right ?

There’s no ground plane on.

I found out something.
If I have only my solids and a curve ABOVE them, I get the artifacts.
If the curve is UNDER the solids, the display is OK :

Hello- it does look kind of like a ground plane thing to me - moving the curve down to make it work is consistent with that if the ground plane is set to find the level automatically - can you verify that the ground plane is not on?


Hi Pascal,

A ground plane thing ?
If that’s the case, could the ground plane be made to not screw-up the display ?

In my model, it seems to not be active.

You are setting a custom ground plane in your Presentation display mode settings and that is overriding the default setting:


It turns out there is a large curve out of view that is making the scene extents unexpectedly large and messing the depth testing. Without that the display looks good, ground plane or not…


Hmmm… I noticed something that can probably help you debug this
Indeed, ground plane makes things worse, but hear this, if you move the said curve high enough below the blocks/polysurfaces, they look fine from above, but terrible from below and vice-versa.

might be related to this one?

Hmmm I don’t see no clipping.
Just flickering meshes and marble-like patterns.

yeah but do you have geometry far away from origin?

The away-ness from origin doesn’t change anything for me.
It’s the above-ness or under-ness.

Some of my custom display modes also exhibit that visual bug and I figured out that it’s because certain geometry shares the same plane as the (hidden) ground plane.