Custom context menu

When watching a tutoral video, I saw something that looked like a customizable right click menu (see link below, at 9m:16s). Does anybody know how this menu was achieved. Thanks

That looks like the Popup menu, possibly customized. You can set this to a mouse button under Rhinoceros > Preferences.
Customizing can be done by setting the command set to “copy of default” first (Rhinoceros > Commands) and then open the customizing panel (Rhinoceros > Commands > Customize). Click the Popup palette and drag and drop the icons from the repository (Bottom-left panel).


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Yupp, that’s it. thanks for that.
Allthough, I’d appreciate customizing the standart right click as well. Except repeat last command there’s nothing that fits my workflow.

@jackshaftoe Can’t help you there, Rhino does not seem to have much options there. I am using a Wacom tablet, and the software allows me to configure almost everything on it. But do keep in mind that the RHB is doing more than just open the viewport context menu, such as allowing you to pick alternative commands with some icons. Case in point: Right-click on the “Rotate” -icon starts the “Rotate3D” command. And it opens a secundary toolbar in palette format rather than a dropdown list