Can I customize my center-click menu?

Hi guys, I’ve been using Rhino 5 for 2-3 months for jewellery design, after 6 years with Gemvision Matrix. I’m really enjoying it for the most part, but still have not had time to fully customize my toolbars and display options.

My question is - is it possible to add certain oft-used commands e.g. mirror, project to C-plane, duplicate edge etc. to the menu that is opened with the center click of my mouse?

I hope my lingo is understandable - 6 years of fulltime CAD work and yet I still speak like a newbie?! Thanks for your time.

The popup menu should allow for customization.

Faster way to call command is by setting up aliases, so just typing a letter would call the command.

Yes, you can. This menu is called PopupMenu toolbar. First click PopupMenu toolbar handle (its top edge) to make sure that the toolbar does not disappear. Then hold Ctrl key and drag any toolbar button to the PopupMenu toolbar. Hold Shift key to drag any button from the toolbar and delete it.

Kyle Houchens explains details in his latest video (47:38-48:30):

Thankyou kind people for taking the time to reply to my query. With every new revelation concerning CAD methodology, I wonder at how I was able to manage adequately before!:sweat_smile: With this help I’m now looking forward to further refining my everyday Rhino practice.

Thanks again,