Custom color interface not loading right

resetting and then canceling fixes it but it happens every time I open the program. Video attached.

Hm - this looks like the same thing as described in Mitch’s post from the other day -

@Helvetosaur - does it sort out your interface color problem to restore defaults then cancel as in Aaron’s clip?


@pascal - yep, and just as in Aarons experience, the problem comes back every time I close and re-open the WIP…

OK, thanks - I’m beginning to suspect the Settings file… just a wild guess. I’ll ask @JohnM - what do you think? The custom colors do not paint right on things like the Osnap toolbar as Rhino opens but looks correct after resetting to defaults colors in OPtions > Appearance > Colors, then canceling Options and going back to Rhino.


@pascal I don’t think this is a settings issue, it looks like it has something to do with the internal paint manager initialization. Please log it as a bug and I will take a look.

Looks like RH-41601 addresses this. I figured out what is going on and fixed it but need to do a little more testing before I commit the change.

COOL! the 10.10 release is the same

RH-41601 Is now fixed.

thanks, looking forward to the new release and my custom colors staying intact!

works! Love it!