Toolbar/panel display glitches

This has been happening for awhile now, I know the display stuff is still being worked on so I haven’t posted until now, but I just want to make sure this is on the radar… I am seeing various light gray lines on my docked toolbars and panels -

The ones on the toolbars appear when you hover over the zones where you can mouse click pull the height/width out, they should disappear when the mouse leaves the zone, but they don’t, they only go away when something else refreshes the screen - like a minimize/restore.

The problem with the osnap bar shown below is however “permanent”.


I have a GTX 980 Ti in this machine, latest 385.69 WHQL drivers, two 1600 x 1200 screens.

Thanks, --MItch

Mitch, do you have custom colors in your UI? If so, can you OptionsExport and send me the ini file?



Yep, I do have modified colors - file sent via PM… --Mitch

Hi Mitch - thanks, got your file - naturally I do not see the extra color here - @JohnM - what is the color there in the background of OSnaps, is that something settable in the advanced options?

(Mitch, John is goofing off this week, I’ll poke through the settings in the meantime in case I stumble on it)


Looks like RH-41601 is this bug, working on it now.

RH-41601 Is now fixed.

RH-41601 is fixed in the latest WIP