Custom Chopper


Nice! :slight_smile:

very cool- I’m curious about your background and current employment. Do you have a car design background? You are cranking out a lot of great stuff at seemingly great speed-

I’d love to know a little more about you and what you do if you are willing to share… if not, forgive my imposition and carry on making great stuff.

About me… where do I start…? Well I have always been into cars since I was a young boy. I started drawing cars since third grade. Mostly side profile. I’ve always had great passion for Car design. I did try studying product design however didn’t complete it. However I took what I learnt out of that course which was learning Rhinoceros. And that changed the course of my life…!! I’ve gone from drawing 2d pieces to 3D creations… and ever since then I haven’t stopped. 18 years In the making. And as my skills enhanced, the level of detail grew… there were pipe dreams I always had of what I wanted to do with the work I’ve created. But of course you get married, have kids… your priorities change… but you’ll always find time to get another 3d piece out.

I wish this was a career but the sad reality is, it’s just a hobby. I mean unless you know someone who is interested in collaborating or hiring me… of course. If there’s one thing I have learnt… passion never dies!!

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wonderful! I am very much enjoying your work- keep it coming!

fwiw there is a huge custom model car community on instagram…maybe a 3d printer is in your future?