Curves Shatter and Fillet

Hi Guys,

I faced with 2 very simple problems. And it looks like I am missing something to understand how shatter works in grasshopper. Plus can’t seem to find a way to have different fillet radiuses depending on offset distance.

  1. Image 01 - I need to intersect curves and lines and then sort out only curves from curves Type 01
  2. Image 02 - I am trying to find a way to make bigger fillet where I have bigger offset.

Looks like simple thing, but I was straggling for 2 days already… ))

R (12.9 KB)

  1. there are two more lines besides the ones you pointed out in your drawing that could be considered type 01 which are being selected here: (9.0 KB)

Hi Amir,
Thank you. I was trying to use multiple curve intersection.
Can you explain a bit how you used patter to cull unwonted portions of lines? How does parameters work?
Why parameters list coincides with elements you wanted to cull?

Actually, I’m looking for intersections at mid-points (reparameterized parameter -> 0.5). It just so happens, that all lines have intersections at 0 and 1 (start and end), so any lines that have a third intersection (at 0.5) need to be culled.

Got it. Thanks. I have to get better at this. So easy and so annoying I can’t figure it out myself.

We all had to crawl before we could walk, and walk before we could run.
You’ll get there.

Cheers :slight_smile: