Rosetta - How to shatter circles at their intersection points?

Hi, I’m trying to draw a parametric rosette. How do you shatter the circles at their intersection points? I tried using curve closest points, but not succeeding organizing lists to match the parameter input for Shatter. Anyone?


There are several ways of going about this, depending upon the final product. Could you draw an approximation of what you want?

Hi Ethan, see attached. Hoping to shatter the circles at the intersection points and create surface from edges. Rosette2

Best bet, create a surface, then use the various curves to split that surface. then convert those surface to edges by using ‘brep edge’ or simply plugging the surface parameter into a 'curve ’ primitive, it will do many conversions just like that.

Thinking along the same lines as @markz, and not using Shatter, though probably not as concise as either you (or I) had hoped.

shatter (17.8 KB) (18.1 KB)

Thank you Ethan and Dowazura. This would be a nice tutorial topic.

Have a try clipper plugin’s Polyline Booleancomponent as well. (11.3 KB)

Wow ! HS_Kim, super useful tools.