How to inter-divide curves each other

here is the example

how to use grasshopper to inter-divide them?

Check this out… (14.9 KB)


There is also a component for that in this plugin

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Another way. (10.0 KB)

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Good to know, thanks…:smile:

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The Shatter component is pain in the ass. It is very difficult to make it work in some more complex cases. I can’t understand why you can’t simply intersect the split at the points of their intersections.

yes! i have used the mutiple curve to get the intersect points but i get bunch of points.

by contrast with using plugin, I learn more from your solution

thx a lot! can’t appreciate more.

this is a very efficient way!

thanks a lot!

thanks for you works.

so glad i can learn a lot

can’t appreciate more

Hi HS_Kim,

I was trying for a while and kept getting stuck on the attached image, trying to basically take these 3 squares, explode all the lines, and then split any segment that had a point through it. So in total there should be 12 segments at the end of the script. I tried various methods, but nothing gave me the exact result, I came close but not quite.


I tried your script and it worked after I added the removal of duplicate lines (using Kangaroo), as you can see from the second image.

I was wondering if you could explain a bit how the data is being processed in your script, for example why do you need to Sort List or why some components need to be grafted.

I thought Shatter could easily solve my issue, but I played around with it for an hour and nothing worked. If anyone has a suggestion for a simpler script to achieve my goal I would appreciate it.


Take a look at the attachment… (10.7 KB)


Here is something universal (12.6 KB)

Btw done with the help of @HS_Kim

Thank you! The logic of filtering for curves that are co-incident was very insightful.

Works as shown.