Curves not colliding

Hi there,

I’m playing around with Kangaroo 2, trying to make different curves collide. I could solve most problems I encountered so far by myself, but I’m stuck now.

I have two curves which collide as expected. These are Rhino primitives (Circle and Rectangle with rounded edges). The 3rd shape is a polyline, where I added some fillets. In Grasshopper I combined these curve using the “Join” command. I can attach this shape to the CurveCollider node, as well as grab it, and move it around. The only thing it doesn’t, is colliding with the other two shapes.

I’m using Rhino V8 for Mac (MB Air M1)

Thanks for helping me out! (23.1 KB)

I’m missing your plugins (one for the area and the other for grab).

But here:
2023-11-18 18_05_38-Window
you want to combine all the curves into a single goal!
Notice how, instead, the component description says it “ran twice”.
You have to flatten the inputs on “Curves” parameter, so all the curves are used at once by the CurveCollide goal.


It worked!

Many thanks for the quick help! Much appreciated!