After Scaling up, collide2d_shapes does not working any more

Hello Kangaroo Team

I got this

without doing anything, the simulation runs ok.


  1. Bake the crv into Rhino and scale up 10 times.
  2. Grab scaled crvs back into grasshopper & Kangroo2
  3. Rest the simulation
  4. Alt key to move the curves, ALL the crvs now as soft as noodles. They were supposed to not be deformed.
  5. I tried to change the variable strength parameters, not helping.

Did I miss something?

Another question?
What is the equivalent node of PLaw seen in K1 in K2?

FYI. I am on Rhino5 64, Kangaroo242


This issue (where the angle goal converges very slowly at larger scales) is fixed in the Kangaroo in Rhino 6 , and it also now includes proper rigid curve collision (the collision objects can be actual NURBS curves, not just polylines held in shape by angles).
There will be another release with these fixes for R5 at some point too though.

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Ah, I see. Thank you Daniel for such a wonderful thing…

I wish the Rhino 5 version could be there soon.

Thank you again for clearing this.