Curves distorted when scale down in rhino

Hi, i am doing a masterplan in rhino, and I need to export it as 1:10000 to illustrator to refine the lineweight and put in hatch. but now when i scale it down to 1:10000 with scale command, the lines start to fall apart and distort. I have tried simplifycrv and bring down the tolerence, but somehow it just does not work for me. This problem usually does not come up when I do architecture scale drawings like 1:200 or 1:500 or even 1:1000… I have also noticed that my colleagues laptop usually dont encounter this problem. and when they do, simplifycrv and tolerance adjustment can always solve it.
so just wondering if there is another way I can solve this problem or is it a hardware (i5 intel and 1070 ti Graphic card) or software issue?

Thank you very much.

how far are the curves from the origin? it is usually the cause of this things

Also, if you are scaling down by 10,000 you may be scaling below the file tolerance and things will not work well - how far apart are control points on the scaled curves?


Hi, i tried to move the center of the drawign to 0,0. curves are still distorted…

I have also tried to bring up the tolerance from 0.001 to 0.1 (I modeled in meters with 0.001tolerance).

Hello - how far apart are the control points?


sorry…i might not understand…what do you mean by how far apart are the control point? like the control point shows when you click on a curve?

Hello - yes, as here:



It’s 0.001m.

So, on the original object these same points are 10 meters apart, correct?