Rhino to Illustrator Line Distortion


I have experienced this problem from time to time over the last few years. Sometimes when I export curved linework to illustrator, the lines come into illustrator distorted when they are not in Rhino. I believe I have solved this before with setting my tolerance past .001; however, I wonder if there is a setting I am overlooking.

Please see attached,
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i am assuming you are mentioning the right side pillow, and my suggestion would be exploding it before exporting it. because AI’s math is not good as rhino. its a issue about the degree i guess.


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Do you use Snapshot of current view in AI Export Options? If you do, try Preserve model scale.

By the way, what is the model unit in Rhino? Is it feet?

Thank you for your replies.

Yes it is the right pillow. I will explode it and check the results.
Furthermore, I always use a ‘snapshot of current view’ and then scale in Illustrator to a paper size; however, I will attempt to export using the above method. I only stopped because the scaling from Rhino to Illustrator has never functioned properly for me.

Are you suggesting to scale it? Otherwise it would come in a tad large since my model is in Feet.

Also, do the tolerance settings have any effect?

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I go from Rhino to Illustrator pretty frequently to go to our print shop. I always export out of the top view, and preserve model scale. I have exported out of a perspective view before and it distorts the linework.

Yes top view of course. The only difference is that I don’t preserve the scale. Will change my approach. thanks to all of you.


HI, I am reviving this post.

I am still struggling very much with exporting to illustrator with complex geometry. I usually use the ‘capture current view’ as the ‘preserve model scale’ is usually too large for my artboard in illustrator. I always export out of top view and create my page in rhino and scale it to the same page size in illustrator to preserve the scale.

Attached is an image of my continuing problem. Simple curves are distorted. Circles are turned into filleted rectangles ( I know this is possibly a result of control points).

I wonder if I convert the nurbs curves to arc with the ‘convert’ command; however that should not be necessary.

Anyone know how to fix this? It’s driving me nuts.


Those are just 2D curves flat on the Top CPlane? Can you post a small sample of a 3dm file before export?


Hi Mitch,

Thank you for your response. I have attached the simple version of my file. I have a more complex one with more lines if this one works too easily. Thank you again for helping me solve this.

ErikError Plan.zip (267.6 KB)

Works OK here, but for scaling to work, move the objects to the world origin - otherwise they are way off of the AI artboard. Here’s my export at 1"=1".

test_PG.zip (32.1 KB)


One of the things I see is that some of the curves which appear to be lines are not actually lines. If you first run SimplifyCrv, then SelLine and lock all of the lines that were selected, you will see some curves left over (see attached). Turn on control points for these curves and you will see that they are degree 3 and that the control points at the ends actually fold back in on the curve. I imagine that Illustrator doesn’t like this very much… How were these curves produced? Did Make2D do that?

Still, the AI export here looks OK in Illustrator, despite the bad curves…


BadCrvs.3dm (990.9 KB)

Thank you Mitch.

I exported with ‘simplifycrv’ and the export works. Without the command it has issues so this is nice to know.
Nevertheless, I cannot figure out how to select the crvs not affected by ‘simplifycrv’ command? After I run the command how do you select these crvs?

Thank you again, simplifying the curves seems to solve my problem


Thank you Pascal,

This seems to work as well. I assume running ‘SimplyCrv’ and exporting in this fashion will solve my problem.

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Since everything else is lines after simplifying, I used SelLine and Invert… --Mitch

Ahhh makes sense.

Thank you again.

I had the same problem as i export my hatches/curves to work on illustrator. My solution was converting all curves to polylines on Grasshopper and than creating the hatches on those polylines again. It works fine. You can use divide by length component on grasshopper(by some small value like 1 mm).