Higher quality Illustrator Exports

Hi all,

I’ve searched this without many good results, so maybe someone has a solution. I’m exporting various diagrams via Rhino’s Make2D function to work in Illustrator. However a lot of these are coming out at a very low quality - weird curves where there should be straight lines, Nurbs (handle) curves with bizarre jogs, etc.

I’ve read elsewhere that increasing scale closer to 1:1 would help, but that is creating additional issues of size. I can work through them if its the only way, but had hoped there might be some export option Im overlooking to get a more accurate export, or another way around it, etc.


Hi BC- it may be a scaling problem - AI does not do well with small curves - you might try setting the scale so that the objects are larger (export settings) or simply try exporting two versions (one set 10X larger for instance) of the same curves in the same export operation and see if that makes a difference.