Jagged curves problem when scaled smaller

Hi recently I encountered a serious problem when I scale the curves for laser cutting purpose. The red curve is a surface edge of a brep baked from grasshopper, the white one is drawn manually. I would like to scale them smaller to a scale of 1:300, but the red one becomes jagged while the white one remains normal. I tried FitCrv and Rebuild, but these commands will transform the shape of the curve. Is there a command or solution to this problem that I can get the right scale and smooth curve? THANKS A LOT!


Hello - can you post a file with the curves prior to scaling?


Lasercut abs.3dm (2.8 MB)

Here it is.

Hello - the objects are very far from the world origin - move them in close to the origin and try again, I suspect the results will be better.
Hm - I see the curve sizes are also very large… it would be good to have simpler curves.


In addition to the coordinates, have a look at the arc-fitting free-form curves section of this Support document:


Thanks a lot! I also change the the unit of the model and the problem is solved now!

Thanks a lot! The reference is really useful!