Curves Correction - Vray vs Photoshop?


How often do people use the color correction curves in the Vray frame buffer? My understanding is that there isn’t any difference to taking your base render and adjusting these settings in photoshop, but if this is the case then I’m not sure why this option exists in Vray since majority of renders will be touched in photoshop anyway? Not really a major query, just being curious.

(Rob McPherson) #2

I use both. I’ll use the frame buffer curves to get it 90% of the way there and then final tweaks in Photoshop.

The whole point of having the colour correction curves in the frame buffer is so that you can preview the output when you are working in a Linear Workflow, otherwise all you’d see is a very dark underexposed image and would have to export to photoshop to see what you had rendered.

(Marc Gibeault) #3

And you have more latitude in the frame buffer, you have the full 16/channel data to work with, that you may loose depending on the file format you choose to save to.


I use it all days. So I can adjust in 16bit and save as 8bit PNG. It’s a great tool.