Background image

Hi People

Im just trying something I used to do years ago and thats render a model with a photo image behind.

Am I missing something - all I am getting is a single colour.

Using Vray environment background slot the only way I can get it to appear is by making it a screen map as an environment but this seems to sit on top.

Please tell me I dont need to render out a png then photoshop it in after?

Cheers Jahn

yes you can do this, load the image in the background part of the corrections control

Hi Gijs

Thanks for adding a response
yeah that sort of works but there is a very annoying white edge on the outline of the model even with high res render.

Yes that’s annoying. Forgot about that. Other way would be to indeed load the image as background screen mapping, but then you must override the GI, reflection and refraction environment with different images/textures (otherwise you get weird reflections that seem to be projected over your geometry as you pointed out)