Dark Saved image vs what I see on VFB

I recentlyhave installed Vary 5 for Rhino, and have an issue with saved render images. I increase the exposure and what I see on the VFB is quite bright but it won’t save like that and all saved images are dark, appreciate any help to fix this.

What format did you use? it may be related to color profile? or wrong Gamma Settings. sharing your file (or portion of ) can be helpful for me to reproduce your issue.

Hey thanks for your reply, what do you mean by format? I think it is gamma setting but cannot find any options to adjust it on the render output

what file format did you use, If you used a 32-Bit per channel image format like .hdr or .exr some tonemapping maybe ignored and you can have similar results to what you are showing.
also check the color profile below:

What file format are you saving it as? JPG? TIFF? EXR? It seems like either the gamma settings in your render aren’t getting applied to the saved render–which makes no sense?–or you’re saving it in some “HDR” format where it’s virtually never going to look exactly the same in some other program.

I am trying with png, jpeg, but it shows the same result. I am increasing the exposure, on previous versions, it exposure correction was applied on the saved image, but on this one it seems not.

just saving in png, jpeg, no other format. color profile is set as sRGB. I had the exact setting worked on a lower version of Vray, but i updated today and it doesn’t save the exposure correction.

did you try it on another rhino model?

NVM I think you are adjusting the “Display only” Exposure

this doesn’t affect the output image, this is just for Quality control.

You need to add an exposure adjustment layer to adjust your final image.

yes, I did try it on different models, and it is the same

will test it now and let you know, thanks

yes, it is working now, thank you so much. I just wonder why on previous vesions it would have saved the display only exposure correction, but not on Vray 5, was it a deliberate change?

I think so, It was a major update when it comes to VFB

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Thanks for your help!