Curved Section?

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I’m new to VisualARQ and this forum. I wasn’t able to find a related topic anywhere. Is it possible to make curved (or arc) sections within VisualARQ (or any other way in Rhino or Grasshopper) and have them flattened to 2D? I see the problem such sections create for everything that is not on the section line (projected in front) but I would only need the actual section of something. Is there a way to do this other than projecting a curve to the objects and flattening it manually?

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Hi @brglez.primoz this is not currently possible. You can create a section line that ressembles a curve by making it jogged, but the section view you create afterwards will point to the perpendicular direction of the first segment. If we made this feature possible, I wonder how would you like the section view showed the objects beyond the section line. I mean, for the sectioned geometry is clear, it would be like unrolling a piece of geometry, but what about objects beyond that? Which one should should be the direction of the section view?

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I thought exactly the same…the section as @fsalla comments is an unrolled intersection but if you project the objects beyond using a ray normal to the surface, the projection will be veeeery weird (unrolled cylindrical projection) and not very useful.

Thank you for the reply. I’m aware the projected object are a problem. I found a video which shows how this works in Allplan:

For someone working with road allignments and terrain, enabling curved sections would be very useful, even without projections.

Totally Agree!!

We are workign with Rhino - Tekla and GH, and this is already an issue. Tekla can do curved section along a curve (arcs), und i would say that it is possible to do so if other programs have it such as Tekla.

As already mentioned this is essential for road alignments and infrastructural projects in general.

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Hi @al-hamwi the option to have “unrolled section views” is scheduled for VisualARQ 3 version. I’ll keep this thread posted with any news.

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Perfect! Thanks for letting us know.
Looking forward to version 3!