Curved Section?

Hi all,

I’m new to VisualARQ and this forum. I wasn’t able to find a related topic anywhere. Is it possible to make curved (or arc) sections within VisualARQ (or any other way in Rhino or Grasshopper) and have them flattened to 2D? I see the problem such sections create for everything that is not on the section line (projected in front) but I would only need the actual section of something. Is there a way to do this other than projecting a curve to the objects and flattening it manually?

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Hi @brglez.primoz this is not currently possible. You can create a section line that ressembles a curve by making it jogged, but the section view you create afterwards will point to the perpendicular direction of the first segment. If we made this feature possible, I wonder how would you like the section view showed the objects beyond the section line. I mean, for the sectioned geometry is clear, it would be like unrolling a piece of geometry, but what about objects beyond that? Which one should should be the direction of the section view?

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I thought exactly the same…the section as @fsalla comments is an unrolled intersection but if you project the objects beyond using a ray normal to the surface, the projection will be veeeery weird (unrolled cylindrical projection) and not very useful.

Thank you for the reply. I’m aware the projected object are a problem. I found a video which shows how this works in Allplan:

For someone working with road allignments and terrain, enabling curved sections would be very useful, even without projections.