Snapping to a Section's Clipped Boundary in a Detail View

Is there a way to do it? It may work if line work behind the section is orthagonal to the section to osnap to, but I have a section through mouldings wrapping around a curved wall, and need to dimension the mouldings visible in clipped section, but I can’t snap to anything but the lines through which the section does not go.

Hi David,

Snapping only works on unclipped geometry. The section lines are just a display feature (they do no really exists in the model), so snap feature cannot detect them.

We’re trying to figure a way to solve this.



Any news about this problem? I’m still having the same issue here.

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It is a problem. The purpose of most sections is to dimension the sectioned surfaces.

But it may go beyond Va, because we can’t snap to Clipping Plane cut surfaces either. My workaround - for a non-orthagonally sectioned persepective - is to generate a 2d VaSectionView and layer a Detail with the 2D VaSectionView on top of the Detail with the 3D Hidden view. With a rendered detail also at the bottom of all that, it’s cumbersome.

Another workaround, I guess, is to intersect the geometry with a plane and create an intersection curve at that location. You should then be able to snap to that curve.

Thanks Wim. Wish I’d thought of that.