Snapping to lines created in section view

There was a similar topic

But here I am writing about lines drawn manually in Section View.
Sections can automatically create a plan view and construction plane for us + section depth. I would rather use them instead of Rhino’s native Clipping Planes.

But here is the problem:
If I draw lines in this automatically created Construction Plane I have hard time snapping to them. Probably because it is in the same plane as geometries are being cut. If I move it away from the construction plane, of course snapping works correctly but it defeats the purpose.

Is it a known problem?

Hello Jakub,

I tried to reproduce the error and I still couldn’t do it. Which VisualARQ version are you using? Do you get the same behaviour if you hide the mesh?

I’m using VisualARQ

It’s tricky to reproduce because results are inconsistent.

Maybe you can investigate this rhino file.

va drawing in section view.3dm (112.1 KB)

Hello @Czaja

It is strange because I can reproduce the error with the file you sent, but not with a new one, using the same VisualARQ version you said. Please, try to update your Rhino 7 and I will share with you a more updated VisualARQ version in a private message to see if this solves the problem.