Curved network

Im trying to create a surface from these curves using Curved network and cannot seem to get a good result?
Any suggestions?Bottle 2.3dm (2.7 MB)

first see that you get a symmetry into it split one side off then use symmetry with option smooth for example and clean them up further you have some unnecessary kinks in there.


then see that the 2 profile curves touch each other at one point and split them. only the circular curve can remain unsplit. here the layout of the amount of curves.


then NetworkSrf will work. use a high mount of interior curves because of the strong lipping.

Bottle 2.3dm (3.5 MB)

Hi RichardZ and thanks for the time spent to answer my question!
The answer however raises other (newbie) questions? If the end result is to use Curve Network or NetworkSrf, should the curves intentionally not be joined?

Thanks again,


What is “Curve Network”?

When using NetworkSrf it is preferable that the input curves intersect with no loose ends. If the curves do not intersect Rhino will interpolate a surface between the curves.

As a general rule…
Make your curves a simple as you can, as clean as you can, and as perfectly fitting as you can. Then use a command like Loft that can preserve that curve work into a clean, simple surface.
Commands like NetworkSrf can save time and work with less than pristine curves, but the results will never be as good as you can do with a bit more effort.

Thanks John!

Thanks David!