Im stuck! Trying to create surface from network of curves and I get the following:Image
Can someone tell me what is wrong with these curves that prevents Networksrf from creating a surface? As a test I made a quick network of curves using same techniques and it worked fine.
Here is my file:
OOF Fuselage.3dm (2.4 MB)

Have a look at the Help article for the command:

Your curves need to describe a rectangular mesh.
These start and stop and change direction.

Thanks John the rectangle clue helped. I was able to surface the majority of the fuselage which gets me what I need for mold tooling. I am however stuck on another related issue. I was able to surface by selecting the curves without auto sort and in three sections, nose, center, and tail. Now together there is a slight kink where these surfaces meet. Once again Im stumped. I thought Weld would be the answer but I cant select the sections to apply it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
OOF Fuselage.3dm (3.7 MB)

Weld is a tool for faking the display a meshes.
You need the surface to change.
Explode the polysurface and try MatchSrf using these settings.
See if this smooths out the surface edges more like what you’re after.

Hello - I’d think about building the fuselage in three parts -

  1. the ‘tube’, ignoring the canopy - make it through to the centerline all the way along.

  2. The upper part - the cockpit and fairing - bring it right through the first part as if it had a sharp intersection.

  3. The soft transition between the two first bits - this surface(s) will trim the first two.

Your curves are a little bit ‘all over the place’ too -with reverses and so on - use CurvatureGraph to help make clean, ‘progressive’ curves without lumps and dents:


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I get “Cannot explode single surfaces” . I did a redraw of the curves and was able to surface and fix the problem on the lower half by making it a single surface all the way to the rear of the fuselage but now I have a blister near the rear upper surface (third surface). I tried Matchsrf but can’t correct it.

OOF Fuselage.3dm (4.91 MB)

I think you should work with cleaner and simpler surfaces lithe this:

and then care about the transitions and details:

in your case something like this:

Sweep2 for the main body and a Revolve for the cockpit. each curve around 7 control points and each surface has a Rebuild to adjust a bit more the shape.

So every approach brings about a different artifact on the surface and I just cant get a clean smooth and continuous shape. I give up! Is there anyone out there that can do this for a fee?

Here is the latest file:OOF Fuselage.3dm (5.2 MB)

why you give up that easily? if you are looking for a magic solution, cad modeling is not the right place.

with practice, patience and watching other strategies you will learn a lot.

Ive been at this for 3 weeks, and it seems to me that it really shouldn’t be this hard. Would rather be building the aircraft than pulling my hair out trying to draw this thing myself.

Hello - have you followed any training material at all or taken classes? Not all of this is particularly discoverable without some help. Making airplanes cleanly is not the easiest thing to be starting with.


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I’ll second Pascal’s general recommendation that you try tutorials.

A youtube and vimeo search for “advanced surfacing rhino” found me lessons that taught me most of what folks are explaining to you above.

There are also tutorials on understanding curves and curve continuity that feed into understanding surfacing.

All in all, I don’t think it took me more than a couple days to go through the tutorials that got me up to speed, and once you’ve got it, you’ve got it,

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Ok… so the sweep2 worked really well for the rear portion of the fuselage. However there is still a small kink near the bottom rear third of the surface and the nose surface was completely off. I tried to use the nose section from an earlier attempt which was great however when I try to Boolean union it fails. Why?OOF Fuselage.3dm (5.2 MB)

this is how I made the previous images.
in the right panel you can see the commands I use.

you need to practice with basic tutorials first.
Booleans works by a closed intersection of two objects, this is the intersection on your file:
you can trim one of the surfaces and use BlendSrf in this case.

In your video above you took liberties with the xsections and it does not represent what Im after. Trim and Blendsrf didn’t work either as I still have discontinuity at the surface junction. This is really outside of my skill level. I need to outsource this. Can you recommend or point me towards someone who can clean this up?

Hi - you could post a new thread in the Jobs category here: