Looking for some help making a curve network

I have some profile lines for a surface I’m trying to build - but my curve network command isn’t working, so I think I must be missing something. Anyone know what I’m missing?

Perspective view:

Plan view:

is the bottom curve divided into two?

could you also post the file?

Mass Curves.3dm (31.8 KB)

Thanks for your reply! Here’s the file - the bottom curve is not divided into two.

I’m realizing now that the issue could be from the curves not totally aligning/matching up. Once I get the curves fixed, would the curve network tool be the right tool to use?

Match Curve,keep them G1 at least.

Mass Curves.3dm (222.3 KB)

Wow, thanks for the reply! Sorry, I’m pretty new to Rhino - is Match Curve the command I should be using to create the surface? And could you explain what G1 means?

Thank you!

Press F1 button on the keyboard,then search them.

Okay, so I see that I’m using the Match Curve command to fix the curves, and I see that G1 means maintaining tangency - but once the curves are finalized, did you still use the Curve Network command to form the surface?

Yeah,network must have two direction,U and V.

you can just split the bottom curve into two.

and do a network surface.

The above solution is also correct, but it will give you a slightly different result.