Curved Beam IFC Export Issue

Hello all,

I have a question regarding exported curved elements, specifically beams, into revit. As shown in the revit 3d view, the beam generates a broken geometry face. The geometry is generated through grasshopper with an interpolated curve which produces a clean, single beam. Otherwise, the a polyline curve that determines the path of the beam creates individual segmented beams, not accounting for the difference between the angles for the segments. See images for reference.

Any ideas for solving this issue?

Any help is very much appreciated.



@joel.d.mccullough The IFC2x3 version that VisualARQ uses to export models doesn’t support NURBS and breaks the NURBS geometry (such as those curved beams) into flat surfaces. The fact that the resulting mesh is more or less tessellated depends on an Rhino algorithm that tries to optimize the number of mesh triangles, but doesn’t care so much about the aesthetics of the mesh. In Revit you can hide those mesh triangles changing the display mode.
On the other hand, beams created from polylines generate a single beam for each polyline segment. Something similar happens with walls from polylines. As long as the end points of two beams are together, they will solve their intersection.

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Thank you for your response!