VisualARQ IFC export does not respect Beam cut planes

Not sure exactly if this is purely VisualARQ export issue, or does this have something to do with the inner workings of IFC. But…

When exporting beams that have cut planes defined to IFC, the generated IFC does not contain the cut plane information. As far as I understand, the beam’s underlying brep geometry is handled as an extrusion object (by Rhino?), and the exported extrusion object is defined only by profile and length.

So, when a beam is exploded, the geometric result is an extrusion object, which behaves similarly to a beam when exported. Only after conversion to a proper brep, the geometry exports correctly.

Is this behaviour something that could be fixed in future versions? So, we could export pure VARQ beams, and expect them to maintain their geometry.

In Rhino:


Rhino file
Beam derivatives.3dm (927.4 KB)
IFC file (had to zip it in order to be allowed to upload):
Beam (15.5 KB)