Beam joints IFC issue

Hi there,

I’m quite new to Rhino and Visualarq.

Is there a way to preserve beam joints when importing to IFC? My beams are created from polylines not nurbs (and from visualarq styles).
In Revit or any BIM viewer they lost the joints and break apart.


Hi Kuba!

Currently VisualARQ doesn’t export Ifc information about joints between beams, but we will add it in future versions.


Thank you Ramon.
Looking forward to have this feature. I do as-builds and send it to people who work in revit so it would be very useful.

Somebody reported me that beams imported to revit through ifc don’t have control points to make joints fixed. Is this also problem with ifc export in visualarq?

It’s true that once imported to Revit through Ifc they don’t have control points. But this maybe related to Revit itself since if you export a Revit native beam to Ifc and then open it again with Revit the beam won’t have control points neither.