Curve on Surface

Hello guys,
Just a little problem i’ve got with drawing curves on a surface. I culled a pattern of vertices and tried connecting using curve on surface From Curves>Splines. It however doesnt connect diagonally the way i want it (See attached reference). Can anyone help pls?Advanced_Tutorials_Cull_&Curve_On_Surface.3dm (170.0 KB)
Advanced_Tutorials_Cull&_Curve_On_Surface.ghx (134.5 KB)

in this case, usingRelative Itemis a good way to go.

Advanced_Tutorials_Cull_& (9.9 KB)

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Thanks a bunch. This was really helpful. Really appreciate it.

Hi Kim,
I’m sorry I was trying it out again and i only get straight curves on the surface not diagonally. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Pls help. PLs check the attached file.
Advanced_Tutorials_Cull_&Curve_On_Surface.3dm (138.7 KB)
Advanced_Tutorials_Cull&_Curve_On_Surface.ghx (94.1 KB)

Check this.
Advanced_Tutorials_Cull_& (8.7 KB)

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Thanx Kim. This definition worked. But I’m curious why it didnt work with mine. Everything seemed to be the same. Any idea?

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Thanx @dowazura. Had no clue about the parentheses. Appreciate it mate!

If you appreciate it put that:
On the post that actually solved your issue, not on your own. :wink: