Help,Pattern Related Question-flat patterns onto curved surface

Hello. I am trying to project flat pattern on a curved surface
I am new to GH, and I need your help. I would appreciate your help and knowledge.

I can’t upload my files due to security issues, so I would be very clear with these images. Please understand me.

I have a surface; like this

I have managed to make dimaond patterns along this surface,

Now, what I want to have is making these flat diamond patterns directly pasted onto the original surface, so that the patterns are not flat, but flows along the surface.

Yes, there are lots of other ways to make ‘dimaond’ patterns on surface then this,
but need to find a way for this to apply to my work

I appreciate your help.
Thank you.

Try to use Sporph, or Surface Morph.

Sporph (12.7 KB)

Thankyou Kim, I appreciate your help,

But is there any way I can paste the diamonds I made, onto the original surface, directly(normal direction)?
I would like the diamonds to wrap the original surface.

The Diamond(which originally made from diamond mesh) is just an simplification of the pattern I am trying to make. I need the diamonds made by the mesh.

If you take the edges of the mesh, you might be able to use ‘pull curve’ component to pull the lines/curves to the surface. Does that work for you?